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Discover Boating Hands-On Skills Training-

Powerboating Seminars @ Burton W. Chace Park in Marina del Rey, CA


Powerboating Seminars 
3 hours, $125 registration fee

Powerboating Seminar 1:  Powerboating Made Easy - Capable, Confident, Safe
If you’ve ever left your boat sitting in her slip when the weather looked even a little “iffy”, this program was designed with you in mind. Every boater must possess a number of essential skills to insure the safety of the boat and everyone aboard. While one can pick up a great deal of knowledge through books and classroom training, skills are best learned through practical, hands-on experience and preferably with the guidance of a qualified instructor. It is that firsthand experience that increases one’s ability and confidence and leads to greater boating enjoyment and safety. In this 3-hour, underway workshop, participants will learn:

• Fundamental close quarters boat control techniques
• Essential docking skills and crew communication
• Route planning & how to determine position using a nautical chart
• Identification and use of basic Aids to Navigation
• How to apply the Rules of the Road while underway including required sound signals
• How to safely handle large wakes and manage building waves and seas
• Anchoring including how to select a safe anchorage, deploying and retrieving the anchor correctly, how to handle and resetting a dragging anchor, freeing a fouled anchor
• Techniques for rafting up with other vessels
• Underway passenger safety

Taught by a USCG licensed and RPBA certified professional instructor, Powerboating Made Easy is the first boater education program held entirely onboard and underway— the boat is the floating classroom—Ideal for new boaters as well as seasoned boaters who have had no formal training. There is a registration fee of $125 for this 3-hour event and participants who register in advance will receive FREE admission to the boat show for the day. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and able to participate as an active crew member while underway.

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Powerboating Seminar 2:  Advanced Docking & Precision Boat Control –
How to make your boat do EXACTLY what you want it to do
Docking can be nerve wracking —especially in tight spaces, unfamiliar marinas or when the wind or current kicks up. The ability to confidently and competently maneuver a boat in close quarters is the hallmark of a competent skipper and requires a set of skills that usually takes years to perfect and lots of trial and error. This 3-hour, hands-on learning event is specifically designed to shorten that learning curve and save lots of wear and tear on the gel coat.
Advanced Docking is a highly acclaimed class taught by professional boat handling instructors who are EXPERTS in the art of Close Quarters Boat Control. It covers advanced boat handling techniques used by professional captains, exclusively, and is designed for experienced boat operators regardless of boat size or propulsion type.... the techniques and principles are universal and can be applied to all size boats with any propulsion system. Participants will learn:

• How to quickly assess challenging close quarters situations and develop effective docking and maneuvering plans
• Techniques for recovering and maintaining complete vessel control in gusty winds
• How and when to use the “Weather Vane” maneuver for docking and to get out of trouble
• Station keeping/maintaining position in strong winds and or currents
• How to dock under complete control in strong winds or currents using the “ferrying” technique
• How to use springlines in docking and undocking maneuvers
• Shorthanded docking considerations
• Crew communication essentials

Again, this is an advanced skills course, and even the most experienced skippers will learn new skills that will significantly improve both confidence and ability.  There is an advance registration fee of $125 for this 3-hour event and all participants who register in advance will receive FREE admission to the entire boat show for the day. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and able to participate as an active crew member while underway.

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